Quick and Healthy Snacks for Kids

kids enjoying fruits

Most families nowadays lead busy, active lives, including kids and most of the time this implies that snacks are eaten quickly or on-the-go while being shuttled on activity. There are a lot of snacks in the market, so knowing which one is healthy may not be easy. Here are some snacks that are both healthy and quick, since every bite counts as far as nutrition is concerned.

Fresh Fruits

Choose seasonal fruits and get organic produce if possible for optimum nutritional benefit without toxic chemicals. During winter you can go for pears, tangerines, apples or oranges. Summer choices are many from melons, plums, and peaches.

Dried Fruits

Raisins are high in iron and are an easy choice which most kids can tolerate and enjoy. Other dried fruits which are kid-friendly include mangoes, pineapples, cranberries, apricots, and cherries. It is advisable that you look for brands which simply dry the fruit without adding sugar.

Seeds and Nuts

There are a lot of delicious nuts from which you can choose, and it can be difficult to decide. Sunflower seeds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, and peanuts are some of the best options for you. If you are feeling exotic, then try Brazil nuts or macadamia nuts.


If you are not familiar with kefir, then just think of it as drinkable yogurt which is rich in probiotics. Drinking kefir gives a double dose of nutrition. it also has the benefits of live cultures and proteins. These benefits support your digestive health.


Hummus is usually made from chickpeas. It has a wonderful, creamy texture which is great for dipping. You can serve it with stash vegetable sticks or carrot. This is a tasty and healthy alternative that is hard to beat. It is irresistible, and kids love it.

You can also opt for beef snack bites.These are also tasty and preferred by most kids.You will get the best beef snacks at le-vel thrive snack.

Being short on time does not imply that you should be short on nutrition. Having these supplies of healthy and quick snack on hand will help to keep your kids full of energy and always feeling good until dinner. These are some of the fast and healthy snacks that you can offer your kids to keep them full and healthy as well.