Choosing The Best Folding Camping Saw

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Not all camping enthusiasts are alike. This is the same case with folding camping saws. In this post, you will learn how to find the Best Folding Saw. Moreover, you will appreciate that folding saws have differences in design and such differences can matter a lot. Thus, depending on your camping needs and style, the camping saw you can vary.

Hiking or car camping?

You need to consider whether your camp will be accessible easily or you are hiking into the backcountry. For camping, you need a lot of equipment to make your stay enjoyable. Moreover, the equipment you will be using should be heavier as compared to one used by a backpacker or hiker.

The majority osmall folding sawf hikers or backpackers like lightweight, small folding saws, which look like pruning saws. These have blades from 6 to 9 inches in length. Blades are designed to fold into handle for easy storage and quick deployment. These saws have fine teeth since they are meant to cut live wood without causing a lot of damage to the tree. However, true backpacking saws have coarse teeth, which goes through dead wood quickly. This explains why it is not ideal for gardening as it can tear up your tree branch.

On the other hand, car campers carry a large collapsible saw. Some of them such as Sven saw or Sawvivor have blades that are about 15 inches in length. The long blades mean a lot as far as sawing efficiency and speed are concerned. This also means that they can handle thicker branches and logs.

The best you can have in a campsite is a large bow saw. This gives you a lot of versatility. However, it is not very portable and partially collapsible. Thus, if you have adequate room to store your gear, this may be the best choice. However, if space is quite minimal, you should stick to a fully collapsible model of the camping saw.

Hunting or wood cutting

Nearly every foldinAxe, Knife and folding sawg saw on the market is useful for crosscutting the dead wood. Therefore, it can help you collect some wood for a campfire. The majority of top collapsible saws on the market have interchangeable blades. Moreover, a broad range of blades is available to serve various purposes. As much as you may be satisfied with a great crosscut blade, it is quite reassuring to know that you can also use a bone saw just by changing replacement blades.