Buying Clothes


Carrying out online shopping brings up all sorts of questions such as will you get the right size or will the fabric feel great against your skin. It’s impossible to tell whether the piece purchased is wrinkled prone or might fade after a single wash. Most importantly you might be concerned as to whether you can return the piece once you are through with it. Here are four simple, insightful tips that might ease your online shopping experience.

Tips when buying clothes online

The Brand

Once you have an idea of the brand quality, you will have a rough idea of the quality to expect. First, note down the fabric qualities and sizes of your top preferred brands. For instance, there are some brands which are the right fit on some numbers while others might be quite large or small. Exploring new brands online might be tricky as you have no prior experience wearing their products.


Take Your Accurate Measurements

It does not take much to get your hands on a tape measure and take your body dimensions. The best way to predict a cloth which will fit you accurately is by taking prior measurements. Use a soft tape measure that is used for making body measurements. The aluminum measure for straight edges might not provide the right results.

The most important measures you require are those of your shoulders, chest size, sleeve length, hips, shoe size and leg in the seam. It’s also advisable for guys to have a measure of their neck size (useful when it comes to dress shirts) while women their bust size (preferably for bras).

Carefully Examine the Size Chart

Most online retailers provide a retailer chart for their items. Most jackets, shirts, and gloves arrive either in medium, small or large. These sizing tiers are not uniform or standardized across the industry. This man’s there is a slightly small gap difference that might be present. At this point, the size chart comes very much in handy.

Have Clear Details on their Return Policy

No matter the effort you put into arriving at the perfect cloth fit they might not fit your body 100%. Rather than stay with it and use it as it is you can always return it back to the store. This makes it crucial to check out the return policy of your retailer before making the purchase. Some stores even provide a box and incur the cost of the shipping when returned; others, unfortunately, pass the cos onto the consumer.



Always remember that research and preparation are the key aspects that will help when shopping for clothes online. Check what is offered by Stylewe on their website .For more tips and advice feel free to check out fashion blogs.