The Best Left Handed Mouse in 2016

Two black left handed mouse

The world is perceived to be right handed for a majority of people are right-handed. This, however, does not mean that left handed people are any less significant or able. In the computing world, a left handed mouse is an essential gadget. It enables users to interface with computers easily.

Unfortunately, when you walk into any computer shop, you mainly find right handed mice displayed on the shelves. Lefties, as left-handed people are commonly referred to, often have to inquire with the dealers if there are left handed mice in stock. Many at times the feedback is disappointing. They have to check somewhere else for a left-handed mouse or buy the available ones who end up disappointing and not giving value for money.

Logitech MX610 left-handed cordless mouseblack and gray computer mouse

The best left-handed mouse in 2016?Lefties have no reason to worry anymore. The Logitech MX610 left-handed cordless mouse is there for them. Logitech made this mouse with the unfelt needs of a leftie in mind. It has all a leftie would look for in a mouse and is ideal for both normal computing and gaming. The feel and function of this mouse are excellent. The shape and craft of the Logitech MX610 make it odd in the right hand.

What makes the MX 610 the best left-handed mouse in 2016?

The mouse is cordless meaning that it attaches remotely to your computer. Its transmitter is powerful and can be used to a range of 6 feet. The advantage with cordless mice is that they offer more flexibility.

The other reason why the MX 610 is the best left handed mouse is its message notifications functionality. It is designed to notify you of incoming emails and messages via lights on its right edge. This mouse is also very practical. It is not bundled with unnecessary buttons, and all the buttons in it are programmable such that you can launch select services such as email messenger with a click of an inbuilt button.

You also need to check out this mouse due to its advanced laser that coupled with its light weight makes it very stable and accurate. It does not skip or ‘jump’ as you scroll. Logitech designed this mouse to suit both small and large palms. Its volume, zoom, scroll, and on-off controls are terrific in both large and small palms.

How mblack and gray left handed mouseuch does the best left handed mouse cost?

Cost is a key consideration for most shoppers. The features listed above that make this mouse the best left-handed mouse in 2016 will cost you less than $ 400 in most dealers who stock Logitech products. It is not the cheapest, but it is guaranteed to give you value for money. Get your Logitech MX 160 cordless mouse today and enjoy uninterrupted computing.